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Product Review Guidelines

Who can write a review?

Customers who are members of EST Skinlab and have purchased 1 or more times, can write review on EST Skinlab. The review function will not take effect until the order has been delivered. You can only comment on products that you have purchased. After your review has been submitted, upon approval, the comment will be displayed. In addition, you will earn an extra 100 points.

You will need to have a registered EST Skinlab account in order to write a review.

EST Skinlab Order Certification

“EST Skinlab Order Certification” means the product you can review can be found in your past orders. In other words, we know that your product was purchased from EST
Why should I submit a review?

If you have read other buyer reviews while shopping, you can understand how important reviews are to buyers! Your opinion will also become a reference for others before shopping.

Whether your experience is good or bad, your product experience can help others to shop accordingly.

Tips on writing a review

Share why you like or dislike a product. This will provide a reference for other people’s purchase. Please refer to the following demonstration:

· Does the product achieve the desired results?
· What do you like most about this product?
· Compared with the products you have used in the past; how do you feel about this product?
· Is this product suitable for your skin type?

Criteria for not accepting reviews

We recommend that your comments focus on the product itself, and we reserve the right not to accept any comments. Any comments containing the following content will not be accepted:

· Explicit language;

· Delivery related content (if you have any questions or comments about delivery, please contact our customer service team);

· Product pricing;

· Batch number, production date or other content not related to the daily use or use effect;

· Mention other competing websites or businesses;

· Disclosure of personal information such as phone numbers, addresses or email addresses;

· The content contains pornographic elements;

· Amend the product description content (if you find that the product description is incorrect, you can submit your opinion to our customer service team);

· Malicious criticism of other users;

· Advertising reviews (if any account has written a comment for profit, we will remove the comment and EST Skinlab reserves the right to stop the account’s ability to submit comments).

The reasons for not accepting reviews include but are not limited to the above. Your review may be rejected for reasons other than those listed above. However, we attach a great importance to your opinion of the product. If your review is not accepted, we will notify you of the reason for the rejection. You will then have the option to make changes and resubmit your review.

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